About Us

In 2010, while I was still studying at the University, I came up with the idea of wanting to do something for my island, Sardinia.
My dream? To make Oristano a focal point for active tourism.
The entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a healthy dose of unconsciousness and the winning of some calls, leads to the birth of my company. At the opening, in 2013, few believed in this project that was born as a simple rent-a-bike.Started from a semi-empty wooden house, which at the time housed a few dozen bicycles, my strength was enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm that joins the constant desire to grow and update.
In 2015 the love for bikes translates into a specialization in mechanics at the National MTB Academy.
So Bike Or also becomes workshop. During the same year comes the title of tourist guide, to make of my tours something more than a simple outing.
Two years later Bike Or is a well-rounded store, where you can also order the bike of your dreams.
But what’s the point of having a nice bike if you don’t know the tricks of PRO to use it at its best?
So in 2018 I became a federal instructor, I enrolled in the register of cycling guides and began to organize courses for all age groups and needs.
Today there are still many projects, so follow us to see where we are heading!