The Bike Or Team was born in 2018 from an idea of Roberto, the President.
His passion for bikes, already translated into a rental, service and sales company, needed new life.
Above all he wanted to unite the lovers of the two wheels of the province of Oristano.
And for lovers of two wheels are not only meant agonists, but anyone who sees in the bicycle much more than an inert set of levers and wheels.
So, together with his cousin Alessandro - top athlete of the team and Vice President - gives life to a small team, which focuses on the sense of family.
A group of athletes and cycling enthusiasts, who like the plague avoid competition for its own sake and seek respect and interaction.
The purpose of the team is not only participation in championships and competitions, but there is much more.
The creation of new relationships, and therefore of a network of people who can help each other in sport and life.
Anyone who plays in the team realizes that this is an unwritten rule, but fundamental.
Some people don’t appreciate it, they prefer individualism. Others choose it for that reason.
So the affiliates go from 1 (yes, at the beginning the only athlete was Alexander) to 20.
Among these are cyclists who participate in different championships in different categories, cyclists who want to share their passion with others and cyclists who want to discover the wonders of our land thanks to their bike.
The idea in common? It is not to win championships at all costs or overcome others.
Rather, it is about making the passion and training work, improving your results and winning your personal challenges.
Whether it’s these races, hiking or cycling.

The Board.

Pigato Roberto


Born in 1988, he comes from the world of football where for 13 years he played the role of referee. Only in 2011 he discovered cycling by becoming an athlete and making his passion a job.