Tour Capo Mannu (OR)

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Level: Intermediate
Distance: 30/35 Km
Altitude: 150+

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The starting point of the excursion is the boat park in Mandriola.
You will pursue for a dirt road uphill that will lead to the lighthouse; the ascent is not long, it is totally pedalable and offers views of the sea and the nearby island of Malu Entu.
You will follow a series of ups and downs to be faced with caution for the presence of short stony and sandy slopes until you look out on the side of the cape that flows towards the towns of "Sa Mesa 'Longa" and "Su Pallosu" behind the old Spanish tower recently restored.
The descent has two possible variations: one demanding for the presence of stones, canals and other obstacles, the other smoother that runs almost parallel until the reunion of the two slopes.
Once at the beach of "Sa Mesa 'Longa" you will have to cross the dirt road used as a parking. After a short climb you will follow a shortcut through the reforestation that will return to the starting point.
Continuing along the cliff you will face very short sandy stretches to walk to reach "Su Pallosu" and continue towards the small water of "Sa Marigosa" which will skirt on foot because of the sand.
Once in the locality "Sa Roccatunda" you need to be careful because the dirt roads will be crossed by cars, you will continue along a short stretch of asphalt and you will return immediately to the sea in the locality "Su Crastu Biancu", continuing the coast to the locality "Scab'è Sai" where there is a short where you can see the ruins of the tower of the same name, the mountain range of Montiferru and the seaside resorts of Torre del Pozzo, S'Archittu and Santa Caterina di Pittinurri and from where you can observe, in all its extent, the pine forest of Is Arenas.
A short descent will lead us to the artificial outlet of the small pond of Is Benas, reachable after one last steep climb and a path that flows into the Mediterranean maquis.
To reach the pine forest of Is Arenas and ride among the trees you will need to cross the spaces of the pond and a wooden bridge without protections. The return will be all on dirt avoiding the ascent to the cape: after a short climb you follow a shortcut through the reforestation that leads back to the starting point.